About Us

FLAT CAT has been making innovations in the golf industry since 2016. Our products focus on improving golfers' performance on the course.

FLAT CAT® Golf is excited to announce the introduction of our newly developed CBD Performance System. Based on our knowledge and expertise in the world of golf, and feedback from FLAT CAT’s loyal nation, we have developed a new system designed to improve every facet of your golf game, leading to lower scores and optimum performance both on and off the course. This system was developed for golfers, but is also beneficial to other active adults looking for wellness solutions. The system incorporates an assortment of products to choose from, including different methods of absorption & strength, as well as routine-use options to achieve full impact.

One of the clubs used most from the golf bag is the putter. Using science, studies from different golfers around the US on the course, and expertise from the world reknown Charlie Spain, we developed a line of FLAT CAT putter grips. As everyone who knows golf knows – to be a great putter, your putter face needs to be square to your intended target line at impact – and the FLAT CAT putters were designed to do just that. Amateurs & professionals alike now sink more putts on golf courses around the world with FLAT CAT putter grips.

Head over to FLATCATGolf.com to shop our line of putter grips.

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